The song OF The week ! 

LeFemme-Bouè has released her newest video, “Dat Werk

Bringing supreme energy and charisma, LeFemme-Bouè raps with unpredictability and effortless agility. With mirrored flow and delivery on the verses, as well as as incredibly smooth, yet undeniably in your face beats, the song is a necessary addition to anyone’s rise and grind playlist.

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2016 will be the year

Happy New Year to everyone and this year we are launching the first article of The Kiosk in New York , that will the first blog of a Parisian’s vision in New York City !

We are proud to announce you in the next  few days lots of surprises with lots of articles about food, fashion, new venues, movies and music that we love !

A parisian in New York is now on for 2016.

Happy New Year to everyone in the city !

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